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Hi Alp,
I just would like to say Thank you for the hard work yesterday and the day before. I really appreciate your understanding of the project and your cooperation. Without you, I would not be able to manage this project. So, thank you very much, it is a pleasure for me to work with you.
Best regards,

Dear ADA,
We have received your contact data from the XXX Vendor Management..
Your person has been named to us as a trustworthy Translator, who can and is able to take part in a project that we currently start.
XXX is going to provide translation services to XX, the leading producer of computer games in the world.

Thank you very much Alp,
What would we do without you?
Kind Regards

Hi Alp,

Just to let you know that we have received very positive feedback from the client in relation to the Turkish translations that they have reviewed so far.
Many thanks to you and your team.
Talk to you later,

A few months ago you submitted a test piece for XXX.rtf
Your translation was successful and you’ve been chosen by XX as approved supplier to carry out a project for them.


Hi Alp,
By the way, we have received the cross-check result of the XXX file. It was qualified as Excellent!
Well done.
I will try to get the result over to you soon so that you can include it in your final hand off.

Thanks Alp.
We will learn from this and move forward as usually I am very satisfied with the service provided by ADA.

Best Regards,

Hey Alp,

I'm happy to report that your Turkish translation for the Game XXX was a success.

In the meantime, please organize for the translator/editor who did the previous sample to ensure quality and consistency.
The volume is rather small, but we'd need it back by Wednesday the latest.
Talk to you soon,


Hi Alp,
I hope you are well. V., our Quality Assurance Manager, has recommended you to me.

Hello Alp,
we don’t know each other yet; I’m a new member of the XXX-Team and the customer is asking for the first time also a translation into Turkish.
So F. recommended to ask you ;-)
Above you find all information and attached you see the source files.
Please let me know your earliest delivery date.
Many thanks & best regards,

Dear Alp,
Please find enclosed the QC for the above mentioned assignment. Thank you very much for the good translation!


Hello Alp,

They have requested to add Turkish to their language set and I am hoping that "adatranslations" will be able to accommodate these.
I already have a number of Turkish requests in this morning for XXX, so please confirm that you can accept this work and let me know who I should direct the project handoffs to.

"Adatranslations" come with a very good reference from my colleagues here at XXX, so I am hoping that you can accept these projects and look forward to building a successful relationship with you.

Kind Regards,

Dear Alp,
We just got XXX feedback on HSS: congratulations, they’re very happy with it.

Hi Alp,
We have been approached by the global headquarters of XXX to provide a test piece to potentially win their global translation business. It is a big opportunity that we are excited about!
You were recommended to translate this test piece to show the client the high quality our team of translators can provide. Please let me know if you could translate the attached Word doc into Turkish.

Dear Filiz and Alp,
First of all, I would like to thank you a million for hard working. We finally get the feedback from client regarding to the XXX test job that you did for us in last November.

Congratulations! You passed the test!

Dear Alp,
We are pleased to provide you with the results relating to Delivery on Time for the XX account in the attached report.  This report shows your delivery performance throughout this year.
On behalf of the XX Project Management Team, I would like to thank you for your hard work.
Kind regards,

Thank you ever so much Alp, you are WONDERFUL!!

Hi Alp,
The test piece has been reviewed, and is ready for your final approval of the amends to the translation. The feedback from the reviewer was very good – so thank you!

This is to give you a bit of feedback from the client on our test translation. The reviewer was happy with our delivered translation! We did not reveive a track changed version back, just this feedback.
We will have an implementation meeting mid January so we will see how it goes and when the actual work will be starting but I think it looks really good so thank you a lot for your hard work on this piece!
As soon as I know more in terms of volumes and start of project I will of course let you know.
Happy new Year and speak to you in January

Kind regards


Thank you,  you have been an amazing support. All the best.

Dear ADA,
the client is very satisfied with your work on the recent very urgent XXXs. We managed to deliver all XXXs on time so the client was able to meet the printing deadline. Thank you all for your great work and your support in the past weeks!
Many thanks and best regards

Dear Alp,
thank you very much for the translation and your prompt support.

Thanks a lot for insuring the quality so strictly. We hope our new customer will be satisfied with the project and will get back to you as soon as we have new inquiries.
Kind Regards,

Thanks a lot, Alp!
I wish you Merry Christmas and A Happy 2012 too!
It’s always a pleasure to work with you!
Best regards,

Hello Jenny,

For your Turkish job please contact Alp Dilgen at Ada translations directly, he'll be happy to help.


Hi Alp,
the costumer was more than satisfied with your translation.

Thanks again

Hi Alp
My colleague H. has recommended that I contact you for a Turkish translation.  Would you have a linguist available today for the attached job?  …………

Best regards,

Dear Alp,
Please find enclosed the quality check for the above mentioned assignment.
Thank you for your good translation!


Hi Alp,

our Engineering had to go - so nobody will convert the file this evening.
It will be send to the customer tomorrow.

Next time I try to allow all of us more time for a proper work.
Don't get me wrong - you support during this project was very fine.

Many regards and sorry for the tough deadlines - I hope your translator is well ;-)

Many regards

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