By using the most "up-to-date" technologies, guided by creative individuals, we provide  multilingual products and services complying with internationally approved quality standards.

Skilled teams apply these standards consistently to meet your requirements at an optimum price / performance ratio.

To reach the highest quality standards, ADA TRANSLATIONS TURKEY only employ native speakers, who live in the target country and who have years of experience in their fields of work.


No one will be working with your language as close as a translator.


So, of course, if you are working with a professional translator, you will receive  questions and proposals about your texts.


If you are already using translation services and you have never been contacted during the translation process, the reason could be:


  • the translator feels very certain about his job and corrects all mistakes of the source text on his/her own - which may not always be in your interest?
  • the translator is not familiar enough with the respective field and translates all mistakes literally?
  • the translator wants to avoid embarassment, because "the customes is always right"?


It may happen, of course, that you may not hear any question, because the translator really outstanding and your original documentation is really excellent.

Do you know why your translator doesn´t ask any questions?

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